local/sustainable/Fair Trade
3157 Virginia Beach Blvd., Suite 107
Virginia Beach, VA 23452     757-200-5600
  American pottery       Ann Made           Tribal Textiles (for Options for                                                                                           Children in Zambia)
Eco Trends....a place to shop like you love the planet!
       American handcrafts (some locally made) and Fair Trade goods, the sale of which benefits the producers, helps non-profit initiatives, and more....

Local delicacies: Fresh Batch Jams,             Fair Trade Paper Beads (Uganda) Pennacook Peppers Products, 
Rogue Elephant Coffee

give.treat.love. - organic dog                Columbian Palm Nuts
treats made in VA Beach

We feature a great group of local crafters including:
Funky Town Art - handpainted upcycled glassware
Fernadele - organic olive oil soaps, salves, and more
MobbleJobbleTillapaugh - organic, scrumptious soy candles
Earthy Child - crafting from recycled plastic bags and yarn
Roses Ridge Farm - organic, goat's milk soap, lotions & more
these locally owned small/green/sustainable/Fair Trade businesses:
Eco Maniac Company - bringing sustainability to your life
Path of Paper - bringing paper bead products from Uganda
Rogue Elephant Coffee - Fair Trade Coffee freshly roasted
Loofah Art - fun, whimsical scrubbers from natural loofah
plus Fair Trade from Zambia, Uganda, South Africa, Rwanda, Kenya,
Cambodia, Guatemala, and the Philippines

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